Trevor Dalby

Candidate for PEARCE

[email protected]

Trevor is a husband, father and grandfather who has called the Pearce electorate home for more than 20 years.

He served as a station office with the fire and rescue service for over 41 years. Trevor is also a licensed electrician.

He strongly believes in pro-choice, stopping the mandates and the right for every Australian to work.

“In my role as a fire officer, I have been accustomed to dealing with fast-evolving crises and I believe that is what we have today under the current government, a crisis caused by a government refusing to listen to the people,’’ Trevor said.

Trevor’s commitment to the people of Pearce is to work tirelessly to bring Australia back to what it was, a land free of discrimination.

“The United Australia Party will make Australia once more a place where it is safe to bring up your children and grandchildren. A place we are happy and proud to call home,’’ he said.