Travis Mark

Candidate for TANGNEY

[email protected]

Travis is a married father of two small children, and he’s called Western Australia home for most of his life.

He is a sales and marketing professional with a background in the building industry, and a devout Christian. He has run his own home design and building consultancy service for the past five years.

Throughout his working career, and through extensive volunteer charity work, he has helped people plan and build for their futures.

“In running for the Electorate of Tangney for the United Australia Party, I will continue doing that, at a political level.” says Travis of what he hopes to do for his electorate.

“Right now, I feel betrayed by our current political leaders across the entire nation. The whole political game needs to be disrupted, and I see creating a new government as the only practical avenue for change.”

“When I set my mind to do something, I don’t stop until I achieve it. I have set my mind to win the seat of Tangney and bring freedom back to this great land – and I won’t stop until I achieve it.”