Tracey Page

ACT - Senate 2

[email protected]

Tracey is an energetic mother of two and grandmother of three. She has lived in Canberra for almost 40 years, where her children and grandchildren also still reside. 

Successfully balancing her career with raising a family as a working mother, Tracey has worked as a counsellor/advocate for a large cross section of the community, including the Canberra Rape Crisis Centre and NSW Aboriginal Land Council.

Approachable, hands-on, down-to-earth and passionate about empowerment, Tracey connects well with all members of the community and is proud of her values – integrity, health, freedom, freedom of choice and respect of all peoples and cultures.

“The decision to nominate as a candidate provides me with the opportunity to advocate for the Australian Capital Territory, impact change of a positive nature on a bigger scale and ensure that the voices of everyday residents are heard,” Tracey said.

“I know where I stand on the environment, equitable rights, animal justice, health and education and I want to know what is important to members of the electorate.

“This election is important and both the need and opportunity for change has never been so important.”