Tony Nikolic

Candidate for WERRIWA

[email protected]

Tony is a proactive, hardworking and highly accomplished lawyer and criminologist with a great passion for learning about law and providing efficient and effective legal aid. Committed to social justice, he consistently offers pro bono legal work and devotes a portion of his practice to disadvantaged persons. It is his goal to make a positive difference in their lives whilst contributing to the betterment of society.

As a legal practitioner in a fast paced, ever changing environment, Tony is familiar with what it takes to represent individuals and groups. Now, he wishes to broaden the scope of individuals he serves and stand for the Seat of Werriwa.

With his incredible knowledge of the law and deep engagement with his community, Tony is both ready and equipped to deliver results to the people of Werriwa. He seeks to rid the seat from Labor’s corruption and restore freedom to its people.