Tony Moore

Candidate for FISHER

[email protected]

Tony Moore lives on the Sunshine Coast in the seat of Fisher with his wife of 26 years and their four children. Tony, a business owner of 30 years, has been engaged in politics for more than a decade.

He is an experienced politician, a candidate in the seat of Buderim, Nicklin, the Senate and Fisher and in his spare time acts for the community’s best interests on issues of significance, social concerns or assists individuals facing injustice or unfair dealing.

Tony is a diverse, multi-disciplined and highly experienced professional who holds qualifications in Behavioural Science (Psychology), Child Protection, community engagement and intervention, and Legal Studies, as well as holding a Master of Business and Administration (MBA) and a Master of Politics and Public Policy (MPPP).

He believes that politics is the interface between the people and their future, one in which the people will either flourish, are favoured and free; or frustrated, failed, discriminated against and locked out of society.

Tony adds that this future is determined often without the people’s genuine authority, input or voice, “the people are kept silent, intentionally railroaded and disenfranchised by the so-called ‘2-party preferred’ duopoly so-to maintain their own power, controls and financial flows”.

As such, Tony strongly believes in the ‘Sovereignty of the People’, ‘The Rule of Law’ and other Judeo-Christian foundations of Australia’s Constitution, “which!” he says, “together, we! can stand upon, to free our nation from the 2-party preferred tyranny, to rebut their abuse of power, to make us all, one people; a united Australia; ‘one and free’”.