Timothy Elton

Candidate for FENNER

[email protected]

Tim spent 12 years in the Australian Air Force, with six of those years spent as a diesel fitter and six in intelligence where as a corporal he supported Afghanistan operations for just over a year, helping to keep his fellow serving members safe in a war zone.

A resident in the electorate of Fenner since 2014, Tim now divides his time between driving trucks and running his soft tissue therapy business, where he treats a range of clients, from athletes, professionals the elderly and people with disabilities.

While his working life keeps him busy, Tim is also progressing through a nursing degree, underlining his commitment to help people and relieve pain.

Tim joined the party at the height of the government overreach into our lives and says the time has come for meaningful change in Australia.

“If the pandemic has showed us anything it’s how governments will use us for their own political gain. This country has freedom at its core, and those freedoms should be protected at all costs. No government should be allowed to deny our basic freedoms and Australians won’t forget how they’ve been treated when it comes to election day.”