Tim Coombes

Candidate for OXLEY

[email protected]

UAP welcomes Tim Coombes as candidate for the seat Oxley.

South Australian-born Tim started his career in the Army Reserves, developing many practical life skills including discipline, leadership, decision making and self-confidence. Moving to Queensland 2014, he established himself as a personal coach then business coach. He now works with an education company mentoring business students.

Tim values integrity and standing for what is right and just. He believes in being honest, open and fair and he holds himself to the highest ethical standards. He is stepping into politics to stand up and push back against the abuse of human rights, after watching the major parties turn against the Australian people and leaders turn their back on their constituents.

Tim says: “The current government has an agenda that is not in favour of the Australian people. It’s time to unite and take back our freedom. Under the right leadership, we will restore the Commonwealth Constitution, preserve it for future generations and realise the enormous potential of this country.”

Tim’s hobbies include travelling, cooking, and spending time with his six rescue hens.