Tayla Selfe

Candidate for SOLOMON

[email protected]

Tayla is a dedicated and hard-working individual who is passionate about upholding the democratic rights and freedoms of all Australians. She is honest, acts with integrity and stands for freedoms for all.

She’s currently a student at Charles Darwin University studying a Bachelor of Secondary Education with a major in Biological Science and a Minor in Health and Physical Education. As an extension of her studies, she supports an education and employment system that is inclusive and equal for all Australians, free from any form of discrimination.

It is through her previous work in education at a public senior school, working with supported learning students, that she developed a passion for learning and acquiring new skills and knowledge for which can be shared to others. She thrives on lifting others up – which is exactly what she hopes to do for the people of her electorate, as well as her state.

“My vision for a better Australia involves prioritising personal choice, preserving the land of Australia in liaison with First Nations People. I encourage and support clean and sustainable Australian owned and operated businesses, where the wealth can be distributed to all Australians, not just large corporate entities.” says Tayla about her hope for Australia’s future.