Suzanne Waters

Candidate for GREY

[email protected]

Suzanne is a fifth generation Australian. Her great, great grandfather was the first Greek settler in South Australia.

She grew up in rural South Australia. She is married and with her husband has eight children that they have home-schooled.

She has always been very community minded and supported her local community by volunteering as coach, manager and club volunteer within the local sports club. She has been a volunteer ambo for almost fifteen years with the last five being employed by SA Ambulance Service as an Ambulance Officer, often working as a solo responder in remote parts of the state providing services to the indigenous communities.

In her work as an ambo she has always been passionate and committed to the care and well-being of all her patients. In doing so, she was nominated for, and was a finalist in the SA Ambulance Excellence Awards for Excellence in Clinical Practice.

All this will be for no avail, however, as on the 1st of November she was no longer allowed on her work premises – or even volunteer -due to her “unvaccinated” status.

“I have always believed in Truth, Justice, Integrity and Freedom, all of which seems to be very non-existent within the major political parties these days.” says Suzanne.

“Every person has the right to choose what is best for their body. What is happening in Australia -and the world- at the moment is not about vaccination it’s about totalitarian take over. We need to fight for our freedom before it’s gone. I believe now is a time to make that stand. We need to stand for the values our ANZACs fought and died for – For freedom.”