Stephen Williams

Candidate for INDI

[email protected]

Stephen Williams joins UAP as Indi candidate

Stephen was born and raised in Melbourne. He worked hard throughout his life to raise his six children (four by his first wife, and two with his current spouse). Stephen has always rolled up his sleeves, whether driving semi-trailers, running a motel or serving the community.

He moved to the Indi electorate in 2011 and has many connections amongst his community.

“I want to help. The many years I spent in the fire brigade and police force showed me the importance of good leadership. I’ve always enjoyed interacting with the public and finding shared solutions for the community,” Stephen says.

Stephen is now self-employed, the owner-operator of Alpine Mowing in Kiewa Valley, Victoria. In his spare time, he enjoys skiing and angler fishing and two wheels – he is a life member of Coburg Cycling Club, racing bicycles for many years, also motorcycles and sidecars (road racing).