Sonya Eberhart

Candidate for PERTH

[email protected]

Sonya has lived, worked and volunteered in the Perth electorate for thirteen years, immersing herself in the community and helping people from all walks of life.

“Transparency and integrity are missing in Australian politics, and I want to bring them back,’’ she said.

Sonya holds a leadership role with a disability organisation. In her spare time she cooks meals for the homeless, assist those living rough and helps people in palliative care.

“In my role as a volunteer, I have long been aware of the disadvantage and inequality present in our society but nothing has prepared me for the scale I now see implemented by governments on a local, national and global scale,’’ she said.

“I believe in the rights of others, in social equality, and I will not stand by and see good people harmed by bad government. Our leaders need to listen to what the people want and govern for all.

“There is no place for discrimination in public policy.

“The United Australia Party will reverse the current discriminatory mandates that seek to create sanctioned division in our society. I stand for this, to form a government made up of people with values, good people, who truly represent our community,’’ Sonya said.