Shane Murdock

Candidate for CORIO

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Flying high as the UAP candidate in Corio electorate

Career pilot and aviation specialist Shane Murdock will run as UAP’s candidate in the division of Corio.

Shane is deeply frustrated with the current leadership and he asserts that Australia has to have new governance.

“Sadly I see our country and all that we held dear is in decay. Our political representatives are devoid of principles and integrity.

Australians desperately need a parliament of patriotic, principled representatives who govern selflessly for their constituents and not for themselves.”

Shane had never contemplated politics as a career until now. He considers running for the seat of Corio is necessary, indeed vital and his vision is clear.

“I want to serve our people”.

Shane is currently an airline captain, he holds a master’s degree and is a qualified commercial bus and truck driver, a qualified African safari guide and a coxswain class 1.