Sean Allwood

Candidate for ADELAIDE

[email protected]

Sean Allwood is 60 years old and lives in North Adelaide, South Australia (in the seat of Adelaide). He has two sons – one is an architect and the other is on his way to becoming an accountant.

Sean was Born in Myanmar to an Australian father of English heritage and a Dutch mother who became an Australian citizen post World War II, both of whom have passed away.

He is of English and Dutch descent, but is only a citizen of Australia.

He graduated from university with a Bachelor’s degree BAppSc., PIT. And a Master’s degree MAppSc. RMIT.

In his time at school and university he played football, Aussie rules and occasionally cricket. In his late teens he started tennis which he still plays. He surfed regularly from his mid-teens to his mid 30’s.

Sean seeks to bring great change to the Electorate of Adelaide, as well as for his state and country as a whole.