Sandra Galloway

Candidate for CLARK

[email protected]

UAP candidate for Clark, Sandra Galloway stands for Godly values, morals and freedom.  She grew up in Glenorchy in the 1960s.  She attended Cosgrove High School, has a Diploma in Business Management and is married with two daughters, a son, four grandsons and a granddaughter. 

Working since 15, Sandra has held various roles including Territory Manager in the pharmaceutical industry, Case Manager at Salvation Army Employment Plus and a public servant for 17 years.

Now retired, her passion is to turn around the un-Australian mandates that discriminate and segregate people creating a two-tiered society.

“These mandates are ruining our culture, causing division in our nation and dividing friends and family,’’ she said.

“Coercion to receive an unapproved vaccination treatment or lose your livelihood or right to move freely within Australia is simply not choice.

“In this unique time in history, we must stand boldly together, or we will lose our right to choose what is best for our own health and importantly what goes into our children’s bodies.

“Now is the time to stand alongside people who are as concerned as you are about your children and grandchildren’s future. I’m standing for honor, integrity and a voice to be heard, motivated to advocate on your behalf and not for my personal ambition” she said.