Robert Marks

Candidate for RICHMOND

[email protected]

Robert has been a member of the party for nine years and has run in six elections, five as a candidate for the party. Having been self-employed for over 30 years, Robert is no stranger to the challenges every day Australians face. Rob is a real fair dinkum bloke who believes everybody should get a fair go.

Robert believes the government should concentrate on making the country great again and stop interfering in people’s everyday lives. He’s been on point for many years saying that Australia needs a great rediscovery of its values and common sense.
As Robert is a family man, he’s doing this for his kids. He wants all Australians to share in its wealth and keep the nation’s assets for future generations to enjoy.

Robert believes that Australians should be able to make their own decisions free from government interference and that it’s the country that needs a shot in the arm and not the people.

“We need big picture leaders running the place instead of career politicians and their big business mates.” says Robert.