Rob Forster

WA - Senate 2

[email protected]

Growing up and working in both regional and urban Western Australia has given Rob a unique opportunity to understand the differing needs and aspirations of all communities.

Rob travels the State of WA as a fire and safety consultant, keeping him in touch with business and the community.

As an ex-soldier and senior officer with Fire Services in WA, a bushfire volunteer, fire instructor and peacekeeper during the Balkans War, Rob knows how to manage a crisis in a deliberate and objective manner while keeping the people’s essentials the priority.

A proud family man, Rob has university qualifications in emergency management and other educational qualifications in public safety, education and management. He is currently studying Constitutional Law.

“I have been a Member of a Board of Directors for a Fire and Engineering Institute, Local Councillor and Candidate for political life in the past and this experience provides me the ability to observe how poorly we are being represented at both Federal and State level,’’ he said.

“The dominant duopoly has led to corruption and arrogance from our politicians, and this must stop.

As a Senator representing the State of Western Australia, with the United Australia Party, I know we can offer a monumentally better future for the Australian people,’’ he said.