Rebekah Spelman

Candidate for ASTON

[email protected]

Australians deserve better. Rebekah is passionate about protecting our community, our lives and livelihoods, our freedoms and personal values, and our laws. She wants to see real people with strong values placed back into our Parliaments; both State and Federal.

Rebekah believes that we must do everything in the power of the people to make sure that we tighten controls on our governments so that they can never again abuse the people like they have in recent years and continue to do today.

She supports actual change that will positively affect our systems and our communities, and most importantly, the behaviour of our politicians and bureaucrats.

“Honour and integrity still matter,” she says, “and we desperately need a return of good people to our Parliament. We can still make that happen, and this election is our one big shot.”