Ralph Babet

VIC - Senate 1

[email protected]

Ralph Babet is a passionate and proud Australian. He is a small business owner and he calls Victoria home.

He is passionate about freedom, individual liberty and advocates for a strong Australia. He has watched over the last two years as Labor, Liberals, Nationals and the Greens have systematically done all they can to take from the Australian people their fundamental rights.

He will not stand by while those in power ignore the pleas of the people. The people have demanded an end to segregation, an end to mandates and an end to the ever growing power and authoritarianism of the Government.

He believes the people must have a voice and that voice must be heard. Labor, Liberals, Nationals and the Greens have sown the seeds of division within society along with the complicit mainstream media.

Ralph will not sit idly by and allow it to continue. He and his family are passionate and dedicated members of the United Australia Party and he has a strong resolve not to let down the Australian people.

Ralph Babet intends to fight tooth-and-nail for his fellow Australians every single day.