Raj Rajwin

NT - Senate 1

[email protected]

The recent mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic, supported by both Labor and Liberals, has pushed Raj to contest the senate ticket to be a voice for Australians in Parliament. “I have been motivated to became a candidate of the UAP as they are at the forefront fighting against the aggressive and tyrannic management of COVID-19 pandemic,” he said.

“The injudicious lock downs and vaccine mandates are compromising our democracy.

“On top of this, the current economic state, growing debt of nearly a trillion dollars and the rising cost of living is a complete injustice for the common Australian,” he said.

Indian-born Raj became a doctor in Delhi and worked as a specialist anesthetist. He migrated to Australia in 2002 and continued to work as a doctor before returning to study, where he gained further qualifications.  Raj holds four medical qualifications, two from India and two from Australia.

He returned to India for a brief time following his additional studies, where he again worked in the medical field.

Raj currently runs a charitable medical centre in Delhi and a small business in the NT.

Raj has helped hundreds of people in need of accommodation, mentored immigrants and provided free tutoring for nurses and other medical professionals.

Raj believes that the NT needs a senator to represent them in Parliament who understands that the Territory is the most resourceful per capita and has significant potential to help Australia.

Raj has previously ran for the Mayor of both Darwin and Palmerston, as well as Solomon for the UAP in the 2019 Federal Election.