Quinton Cunningham

Candidate for BLAIR

[email protected]

Quinton, since 2012, has started to take more notice of Australia’s politics. He was quite unimpressed by what he saw happening. It was around 2015 he took himself off the electoral roll as he was working overseas and travelling internationally on leave.

“The current situation in Australia is not acceptable, however I am not surprised it has happened.” says Quinton.

He joined the army at age 19 in 2005 to the Parachute Battalion, 3 RAR. He deployed twice with the unit to East Timor and after being promoted twice to Corporal, he applied for Special Forces selection with 2nd Commando Regiment. In 2011 on his first attempt he was successful in becoming a Commando and deployed immediately in 2012 to Afghanistan.

On return and some rest, he was posted into Tactical Assault Group in 2013 which is responsible for Australia’s domestic counter terrorism threats and special recovery operations. During 2013 he deployed again to Afghanistan on a personal security detachment for an Australian 2 Star General.

Quinton is no stranger to service, duty, and sacrifice – something he will bring to the Seat of Blair, if elected.

On return to Australia, he decided to discharge from the Army after eight years of service. He has since worked at the Australian embassies both in Afghanistan and Iraq. It was in these positions that he obtained invaluable knowledge and perspective about Australia on the world stage.

“I feel it is now my duty to provide service to the Australian People with as much dedication as I gave to the Government for 15 years.” says Quinton on his inspiration to run.