Petrus Van Der Steen

Candidate for PARKES

[email protected]

Petrus Van Der Steen came to Australia from the Netherlands in August 1991, at age 28. He became a naturalized Australian Citizen six years later, in 1997. Since then, he has lived and worked all over Australia, and now resides in Drake Village, New South Wales.

He has a background in music, audio production, IT, armed security (CIT), and business management. He can speak four languages and has the ability to connect and communicate with a great portion of the world’s people. He owns a small business and has a strong interest in politics.

“As the current national climate is in dire need of a change of leadership I have decided to actively partake in Federal politics, nominating to run for the Federal Electorate of Parkes, New South Wales, for the United Australia Party,” says Petrus. “We need to save Australia from that fate with a new, strong & capable leadership”

He has always had a keen interest in and strong affinity with politics, in the 1980’s he witnessed Europe as it became a shell of its former self, run by unelected bureaucrats implementing bad policy.

He has been a member of the United Australia Party since its conception, and with the party, hopes to implement great change in this country.