Paul McRae

Candidate for McEWEN

[email protected]

Paul was born in Wonthaggi, Victoria in 1965. He attended a local primary and high school.

He has worked his entire adult life in various roles, including abattoir worker, council worker, storeman with Coles, labourer with Queensland railways, labourer in timberyards around Australia, road worker in the Northern Territory and a fruit picker in Victoria and New South Wales.

He worked in the family business (treated pine) for over a decade and then ran it with his brother after his parents retired. He went to TAFE when he was in his early forties and got qualifications as a youth worker and disability support worker. He was also child protection worker in a residential care facility for eight years.

He started his own (sole trader) disability support business aged 51 which he maintains today. He loves the rewarding nature of his work – helping others comes naturally to him.

Paul’s motivation for running is having watched the Victorian state government trample upon on the freedoms of all the state’s residents. He is dismayed by the lack of competence displayed by our so-called “leaders”

“I am also disgusted at the complete lack of leadership of the Liberal government. I am a conservative through and through. I believe in reward for effort and a small government. I also strongly believe in personal responsibility.” says Paul on his values.