Paul Hilton

Candidate for SWAN

[email protected]

Paul was Tasmanian born and moved to Western Australia in 1975.He has two daughters with his first wife. He met his second wife at church and together they have a son.

With his wife at his side and with her help, he obtained a BSc in Occupational Health and Safety Studies in 2002. He has had many contracts and jobs in Occupational Health throughout his working years, mainly construction and mining.

“At the back end of my life, I am seeing my fellow Australians suffer under unnecessary and restrictive emergency laws which are damaging businesses and harming families. I’ve been politicised for the first time in my life.” says Paul about his reason for running for office.

“Craig Kelly has inspired me to join with him and Clive Palmer to fight for our children and grandchildren for their God-given right to a free Australia.”