Natalie Dumer

Candidate for WENTWORTH

[email protected]

Having migrated from the former USSR in the 70s, Natalie’s family relocated to the electorate of Wentworth where she has resided ever since. Her daughter was born in the electorate and goes to school there, and she is extremely connected with her electorate, having worked as a dentist in Paddington for many years.

Over the last two years Natalie has watched hard-working people struggle financially, mentally, and spiritually through these lockdowns. This has affected the unity of her community, increased mental illness and suicides, domestic violence and exacerbated the slow erosion of their freedoms.

Natalie believes our government requires transparency and must be held accountable for the handling of this pandemic. She sees pandemic solutions being ignored by the major parties, resulting in countless unnecessary deaths. She refuses to idly stand by and allow Australians to be so negligently and grossly mistreated by bureaucrats.

“The erosion of our freedoms and the suppression of free speech within the medical community need to be addressed for the sake of our posterity,” she said.

“Our nation requires the camaraderie, honest, and accountability enjoyed by former generations. For the future of our great nation we need a great change – a change I am willing to bring.”