Michelle Lee Martin

NSW - Senate 4

[email protected]

“As I hold community values and understanding the needs of people with great respect, it is an honour to represent the United Australian Party at the next election.” says Michelle.

Michelle has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over thirty years. Whilst managing successful fitness centres in Sydney, she presented papers to the National Heart and Medical Research Council, on the current trends and behaviours of its members.

During her undergraduate studies in Education at Newcastle University, she conducted an intensive qualitative research on gender studies, which was published. She holds a Master of Education, Bachelor of Education, and a certificate in Training and Assessment.

She is also owner and editor of the popular Heart and Soul magazine on the Central Coast, where she works tirelessly on each edition, publishing quarterly, advertisements and articles of interest to promote local businesses.

Michelle volunteers on Coast FM 963, where she is proud to broadcast local issues to the residents of her community. She is proud to be associated with a platform that aims to reflect the lifestyle of the Central Coast, including the broadcast of community service announcements and interviews with community organisations.

“I love where I live and support the policies and construct of the United Australian Party and together will work relentlessly on protecting Australian values and to restore Australia to be free and prosperous once again.” says Michelle.