Mark Rex

Candidate for GREENWAY

[email protected]

Mark has lived in the electorate for over two years and is considered a valued member, Mark believes in community values and equality among all Australians and abroad. He is engaged to his fiancé and has two young children 4 years and 6 years whom he adores.

Growing up in the west, and the NSW east coast, Mark has experienced a diversity of demographics and community members which he believes is the key to being open minded and accepting.

A former NSW Police officer and former Australian Army Reserve soldier, Mark has committed 19 years of national service to his country and continued public services to his community as a NSW Justice of the Peace, holding high moral values and respect for his peers and neighbours.

His respect and support for these pillars of society are fundamental in the stability and safety of our community and country. His experience in law enforcement and Australian Defence Force is the drive for his views on current law and policy and the transparency of the defence budget.

Over the last 10 years, Mark has created a successful private investigations business, providing unique and thorough services throughout Australia. He believes small business is the engine room of the economy, and that a strong small business sector strengthens the fabric of society.

Over the last few years, Mark has become more focused on the political arena and concerned with policies that are slowly stripping away our constitutional rights and freedoms. Policies that intrude on our privacy, and mandates that have created a two tier society and segregation by medical standing.

The undemocratic and damaging policy the current Federal leadership have placed upon us is the reason Mark has decided to stand up and be heard, and to represent the voice of his electorate in the upcoming 2022 federal election.