Marika Momircevski

Candidate for BANKS

[email protected]

Marika was born in Sydney to immigrant parents from Macedonia. Marika lived in St Peters, Tempe, until her early teens before moving to Padstow, where she attended East Hills Girls High School and graduated in 1993.

Marika completed her Bachelors in Nursing from Sydney University in 1997 and started working as a novice nurse at Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital. Studious and tenacious, Marika worked her way up the nursing ranks and completed a Masters in Clinical Cardiovascular Nursing.

Up until the New South Wales government’s Public Health Order mandating vaccinations for health care workers last year, Marika was Clinical Nurse Consultant in cardiology at Bankstown-Lidcombe Hospital, and has previously held the responsibility of Clinical Nurse Educator and Clinical Nurse Specialist. She also relieved other positions such as Patient Safety Manager and Nurse Unit Manager.

In 1999 Marika married her now husband and welcomed their first son the following year. In 2003 the growing family added their first daughter and three years later a second daughter. The proud mother of three gave birth to all of her children at Bankstown Hospital.

Throughout her nursing career Marika has remained a vigilant member of the New South Wales Nursing Association (NSWNA) for 25 years and was active in campaigning for nurses’ injustices and rights. She has been a member of the New South Wales Nurses and Midwives’ Association (NSWNMA) for the past 20 years and also served as the union’s Branch President at Bankstown Hospital for 10 years.

“Our voices need to be heard now more than ever, especially given our tumultuous last two years. I wanted to be a voice for our community,” Marika said.