Marie Saliba

Candidate for McMAHON

[email protected]

Marie is a 37-year-old mother of three children and first generation Australian. Her parents were Italian migrants. She was born and raised in Fairfield LGA, in Horsley Park and she is very well connected to the community. Her parents were hardworking migrants with a strong work ethic who thrived in Australia as entrepreneurs and business owners.

She graduated from University with Honours and studied a Bachelor of Social Science. She has been married for 14 years, and her husband owns a small business.

Marie thrives in positions of leadership and has a natural yearning to advocate when she sees an injustice.

She has worked in community Aged Care for ten years.

“It was a privilege to help the elderly remain living in the community,” says Marie of her time in aged care. “I developed a deep understanding of the challenges faced by the elderly Australians.”

In 2018, she worked on the Fairfield Settlement Action Plan with Fairfield City Council, and over 22 stakeholder agencies. It was a response to the large influx of humanitarian entrants from Syria and Iraq who settled in Fairfield. For Marie, it was a deep dive into learning about those most disadvantaged in her area, and how lack of opportunity, and meaningful investment into areas, can cause huge divides between communities.

The role allowed her to share her knowledge and experience on advisory panels, influencing policy and speaking at two conferences. In her role she witnessed the detrimental impact of the government’s policies on her local community – an impact she continues to see today in the way of lockdowns and mandates. It is her goal to restore justice and freedom to her community.