Ladeisha Verhoeff

Candidate for CURTIN

[email protected]

Ladeisha is a 31-year-old proud Australian citizen. She grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney and moved to Perth WA when she was 23 years old.

She has a Bachelor of Commerce, with a major in Business Law from the University of Western Australia, where she graduated in 2016. She is now about to complete her first year of law school at Curtin University.

“I have waited nine years to go to law school, and whilst I had the grades, I could not go previously due to many unfortunate hardships. Yet in between everything, I have not given up as my passion and drive have kept me going.” says Ladeisha.

“Since I was very young, I have wanted to be a voice for the welfare, protection and rights for Australia and all her citizens. I have always wanted to become involved in law and politics for the sole purpose of helping others in such a way that I can aid in their betterment – by being a voice for Australians when they cannot, and by making true change for people and for the greater good of society within the political and legal field.”

“Life has thrown its curve balls – and like many, I have encountered many tough seasons, so I understand what it is like for Australians to suffer in many aspects. I want to come alongside and Make Australia Great as I have a passion to see this amazing nation be what it is destined for.”