Justin Knudson

Candidate for BRISBANE

[email protected]

Dining entrepreneur Justin Knudson is aiming to turn up the heat on Australia’s two-party duopoly as a candidate for the United Australia Party.

Alongside his wife Naima, Justin founded a unique Brisbane dining experience which has grown successfully since 2013.

He joined the United Australia Party to stand up for all Australians who have been deeply impacted by what he describes as the raft of poor government decisions and unlawful mandates that have plagued our society.

“I am deeply concerned by what I sees as a total lack of leadership in Australia, and I have no faith or trust in any of the current political parties.

Justin is a dedicated and proud father of five children and two grandchildren. His interests include music, art, reading, writing, history and politics.

“I am looking forward to working towards bringing integrity and honesty back into Australia’s political arena,” he said.