Julian Fayad

Candidate for PARRAMATTA

[email protected]

Julian Fayad has been living in Guildford and Granville (inside the Parramatta electorate) all his life. Born in Sydney, his parents originate from Lebanon and immigrated to Australia before high school.

He was raised in a family along with his five siblings and is a loving husband and father of two young children. This has been the key and primary motivation to run for the seat of Parramatta – to protect and fight for the freedoms for our future generations.

Julian has served the community already for a number of years as a Justice of Peace. He has been corresponding with and pressuring politicians throughout the pandemic over the unfair treatment of western Sydney at all levels of government (council, state & federal). He is well versed in local and national issues, and will fight to see that future generations are not impacted by tyranny.

Julian runs multiple successful finance and technology businesses within Parramatta that are built around supporting small businesses and everyday Australians.

“I oppose mandatory vaccinations, and I am pro-informed consent. I am pro-early treatment and I am very well read in scientific journals discussing treatments, early prevention, vaccine efficacy and adverse effects.” says Julian when asked about his platform. “I am morally and ethically incorruptible and that scares the elite.”