Juanita Paterson

Candidate for LALOR

[email protected]

Juanita loves her new teaching career but has seen it cut short abruptly when she refused to comply with the vaccine mandate. This ignited Juanita to take a stance to fight for the freedoms of the next generation and our children.

“I adore teaching my primary school students, I absolutely love my job. I’m a dedicated and hard-working teacher who strives to improve the learning outcomes for all students but now I have been stood down without pay. My livelihood and career have come to a complete halt so I am re-directing my passion to speak out against this totalitarian government,” Juanita said.

Juanita loves this country and says that it pains her greatly to see such a divide in our community. She turns her attention to the Lalor electorate to address her heartfelt passion.

“We must restore this nation and humanity. I am pro-choice, pro-freedom, pro-bodily autonomy and pro-informed consent. I am anti medical apartheid, segregation, coercion and discrimination.”

“Every freedom we surrender is a freedom the next generation never knew existed. I believe we are one race – the human race – and that is our superpower,” Juanita says.