Joshua McCurry

Candidate for BURT

[email protected]

Joshua has lived in the electorate of Burt with his wife and three children for more than a decade. He is a software engineer with a background in science.

“It became clear to me very early on that our government is using the excuse of health to take control of our lives and that we need to do everything in our power to stop that,’’ he said.

“Like many in my community, I have stepped out of my comfort zone to attend rallies, lobby, and do all I can to oppose the new draconian rules and government overreach.

“As the representative for Burt for the United Australia Party, I will work for this electorate to scrap all mandates and discrimination.

“The United Australia Party is committed to returning our country back to what it should be, a land of the free, where people peacefully go about their day to day lives, earning a living and raising their families knowing they have a future.

“I won’t rest until we get that back,’’ he said.