Joseph O’Connor

Candidate for LINDSAY

[email protected]

Joseph went to high school and TAFE in Lindsay after which he graduated from the University of Western Sydney in 2016 with a Bachelor of Psychological Studies. After this he worked for three years in the security industry.

During the COVID lockdowns his industry shut down after already suffering years of severe government restrictions as a result of the NSW lockout laws. He currently works in the mental health sector.

He grew up in the seat of Lindsay and has decided to run in the electorate he knows and loves.

“I’m increasingly concerned with government restrictions, over-regulation and rising cost of living. Politicians are out of touch and unable to relate with the struggles of everyday Australians as such their policies have resulted in the devastation of Australian jobs, businesses and families and caused unsustainable living practices for Australians.” says Joseph about his motivations for running.

“Rising housing prices have priced young people out of the market. Increasing the pension age has resulted in Australians working longer and harder for less benefit. The cost of bills, groceries and everyday expenses has increased over the past few years and endless red tape, bureaucracy and regulations have made it harder for Australians to get ahead.”

“I was deeply worried by the authoritarian action taken by the government over the past two years where our freedoms were trampled on by incompetent politicians and the direction Australia has taken since then with mandates and vaccine passports needs to stop.”

“I want to stand up for the freedoms and liberty of Australians, decrease government oversight and regulation, put a stop to corruption and nepotism in politics, end mandates and vaccine passports, lower cost of living and be a voice for the people of Lindsay in the federal parliament.”