Joel Putland

Candidate for LYNE

[email protected]

Joel didn’t have any easy start to life, having grown up in a housing commission as an only child with his mum.  He learnt at an early age that life doesn’t come on a silver platter and one has to work smart and hard to make it in today’s world. Starting his first business selling mangoes at age nine, he found he had an early knack for people and business.

This initial business pursuit grew into his working with Fitness First, and ultimately onto growing his own companies at the age of 26. He now fills his time running his various businesses.

Now he calls Forster, New South Wales his home, with his wife and four children. It is there that he operates two highly successful local businesses, but now he feels it’s time to do more for his community and for the entirety of Australia.

“The two party system is not a democracy. If it’s a choice A or choice B, and they are both are as bad as each other, then do you really have a choice?” says Joel, when reflecting on the chokehold Labor and Liberal have on Australia. “We need a logical, balanced approach that makes Australia great again. If we don’t make a stand now, our kids will be left with massive debt, inflation, climate degradation and high unemployment, and that’s not the legacy I want for future generations.”