Jack McCabe

QLD - Senate 4

[email protected]

Jack was born in the 90’s and grew up in a small city in the Fraser Coast region. It was here where he developed his strong sense of community, his love of sport, his understanding of the importance of supporting small business and the significance of primary producers in the Australian economy.

Whether it be the dairy farming industry, agriculture, cattle farming and so forth, all aspects of the Australian supply chain are important – which is something he’s passionate about.

His speciality is business development and problem solving, the majority of which has been in telecommunications as a consultant. This has allowed him the opportunity of working alongside small to medium sized businesses. This gave him a firsthand look into how badly the majority of Australian businesses are struggling right now, all things considered

“Unfortunately, it’s not only businesses who are feeling the pain of extended lockdowns and forced government mandates, the majority of Australians are also feeling the toll, either on their mental health, financially, spiritually or all of the above and then some. Things need to change. I’m passionate, enthusiastic and want to make a difference.” says Jack.