Ingram Spencer

Candidate for HIGGINS

[email protected]

It’s the right time to enter politics in Higgins for UAP’s Mr Ingram Spencer

Mr Ingram Spencer is the UAP candidate endorsed in Higgins, Melbourne’s south-eastern suburban electorate.

Born in the UK with a conservative upbringing, Ingram has since called Australia home for the last decade. He is a father of three sons, is a keen triathlete, a cyber security expert and currently Director in a major accounting firm in Data Trust & Privacy.

With a broad background and university education, Ingram is horrified by the globalist’s attack on humanity, and he knows that he can be effective in fighting back. Ingram wants to activate change and believes this is the right opportunity and the right time to enter politics.

“I am well read, I follow true news sources and investigative journalists. I am a fighter, very articulate, able to defend and strategically win arguments.

“My earlier pushes into local council as an independent led me to the Liberal Party, but they are so compromised that there is no hope there.

I plan to change things. I want to make a difference in Higgins,” he said.