Helen Allan

Candidate for FORREST

[email protected]

Helen has lived and worked within the Forrest electorate for 30 years.

“It is here I am raising my family, and it is here I plan to stand and defend the rights of everyone who calls this beautiful part of the world home,’’ she said.

“Our electorate of Forrest is unique in that it is made up of a great many free thinkers, artists and craftspeople, retired professionals, small business owners and those deeply concerned with the environment and human rights.”

Helen has worked as an environmental journalist, teacher, writers’ festival director, and author. She has always held to the fundamental belief that all people have the right to pursue happiness, a living, and a way of life free from discrimination.

“Right now, human rights are being dissolved by government in Australia under the guise of protecting the community.

“My grandfathers and great grandfathers on both sides did not fight in two world wars to see us have to show our papers to enter a pub.

The United Australia Party is committed to putting an end to vaccine mandates, and vaccination passports, and promises to make our country whole and free again.