Gregory Forster

Candidate for GIPPSLAND

[email protected]

Gregory was born and raised in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. He was born the youngest of four boys, and received a Catholic education. His father was a mechanical engineer with the State Electricity Commission, while his mother ran the household. His brothers became tradesmen, while Gregory completed a degree in Agricultural Science and has been in agriculture ever since. He now has a wife and three daughters.

Professionally, he has been a sales agronomist, which is selling chemicals and fertilisers to farmers. From there he moved into chemical risk management.

His family moved from Melbourne to the country (Gippsland) where he became a part-time trials co-ordinator for a local farmer group and started his own farm consulting business.

11 years ago, his family took the plunge and bought their farm. They now have a flourishing property and an award winning egg business.

“It has literally taken blood, sweat and tears and has been a battle the whole way. The key has been to get back up after every kick. Our resilience has been learned through experience, but inspiration for me personally has been through self-directed learning.” he says about his farming career.

At age 47, he finds the greatest sense of clarity from the works of Ayn Rand, Thomas Sowell and Friedrich Hayek in particular. So I see myself today as an individual with objectivist, libertarian and capitalist values.