Gerardine Hoogland

Candidate for LILLEY

[email protected]

UAP welcomes political theorist and a writer Gerardine Hoogland as candidate for Lilley.

Gerardine’s passion is the politics of ancient Republican Rome.

Gerardine has worked for Federal and Local Government politicians in an advisory and administrative capacity and in the private sectors of print media, construction, higher education and IT.

Gerardine also supports her husband Edward in the administration of their small family building business over the past 35 years and provides for the special needs of their eldest daughter to become a well-recognised and loved member of their community.

Gerardine champions the freedom for all to achieve their greatest potential without government overreach. She says: “My commitment to preserving liberty and freedom have motivated me to run for the Federal electorate of Lilley, where my family have lived for 17 years.”

Gerardine and Edward are parents to “three amazing children, an incredible son-in-law, and a treasured eight-month-old grandson.”