Gerardine Hansen

Candidate for HOLT

[email protected]

Born in Melbourne into a large family, Gerardine now has four grown children of her own. Gerardine’s Bachelor of Education expanded into a successful music teaching business. She is passionate about education and taught Early childhood Education at TAFE.

While home-schooling her children, Gerardine volunteered teaching English as a further language, assisting elderly parents and enthusiastically promoting the conservative voice in politics.

Gerardine has always been active in her immediate community but never before stepped up into politics. She says “I am alarmed to see how easily our civil liberties have been snatched away. Even the capacity to earn a living, to feed our families and to pay our mortgages, has been stripped from many. The Liberal government, Federally, and Labor in our state have both forced sudden and distressing changes in our lives, many of which ignore our constitutional rights”.
We need people of integrity in government who will govern in Australia’s best interest.

Gerardine has a deep concern for our democracy and is looking forward to representing the all communities in the electorate of Holt.