Gary Dollin

Candidate for HUME

[email protected]

Garry was born and raised in western Sydney where he finished year 12. Needing work and wanting a trade over tertiary education, Garry applied for work where he was to start two separate trades – mechanical and electrical.

After the completion of both trades, Garry went onto study a part degree in maths and physics at the University of Western Sydney. It was during this time he decided to go into business in consulting, relocating and fitting out factories for all types of manufacturing industries.

A simple and fateful fishing trip changed his direction. Watching commercial fishing trawlers repeatedly net the river without much in return Garry realised the industry is simply not sustainable, economically or environmentally.

He decided to study aquaculture, particularly intensive recirculation systems, at a time which very little was known about the particular fish he wished to pursue knowledge about – the Australian Murray cod.

Starting from the ground up and pioneering techniques for this Australian fish, Garry became a primary producer producing tonnes of them annually, as well as Barramundi, for Sydney for the best part of 20 years.

Garry is also an aircraft pilot, a keen aviator and flies regularly and is involved in the local aviation community and has been involved in charity flights before COVID and is now keen to resume this.

Garry is very passionate about securing a better and more trustworthy future for his children and then their children economically, environmentally with equality.