Dr Serge Diklitch

Candidate for BONNER

[email protected]

UAP is pleased to endorse Dr Serge Diklitch for the Bonner electorate.

Serge was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. In his dentistry career Serge studied for a doctorate in dental sciences for which he was awarded the Colgate Michael Bubb Memorial Scholarship award to promote oral health in children. Serge also worked for Queensland Health and since 2002 has been operating his own dental practice.

Serge keeps a keen focus on social issues such as social justice and fair access to health care. Since COVID-19 his main drive is to confine COVID-related measures into a more rational, scientific and logical response.

He says: “I support transparency of information including potential conflict of interest; evidence based approach and the balance between individual choices and community goals.”

Serge is strictly against mandatory vaccinations and is concerned about absence of safety data regarding long-term harm to genes that can then be passed from you to your baby. Serge also wants to know whether such vaccines can cause cancer or other diseases.