Diane Happ

Candidate for MONCRIEFF

[email protected]

Diane has run in 2 previous elections, obtaining the highest swing in Australia of any new candidate and being offered a direct seat in the Senate. Diane was an advocate of Clive Palmer when she last ran and is still an advocate today.

Diane is an entrepreneur owning her own advertising and events business for many years and believes we need to have business people as politicians especially at the moment when our country is trillions of dollars in debt. This is also why Diane believes in Palmer as he has the proven business acumen. Diane like many small businesses has suffered enormously due to the handling of Covid by our government.

Diane has also been following Craig Kelly for the past few years and believes he is a man for the people as he lives by his convictions and has the courage to follow them through.

Diane has a Journalistic background, is a fighter and wants to fight for her children’s future and the future for all Australian children. Sadly Diane had the tragic loss of her 24 year old son recently and in the past when campaigning at other elections he was by her side and was always proud of her for running for parliament. Diane is also doing this for her son as he wanted her to run again in this election.

Diane will fight for you, she will fight for Australia, she will fight for future generations and she will fight for small business that she believes is the backbone of Australia.  Diane is not a person to give up easily and believes our Government’s handling of Covid has all but destroyed small businesses and people’s lives in general.