Dean Mackin

Candidate for DOBELL

[email protected]

Dean Mackin has been working in the IT Industry since the mid-1980s. As a teenager, his hobby quickly grew into Australia’s largest online bulletin board then morphed into one of Australia’s first Internet Service Provider businesses. Owning a busy information technology business allowed Dean to mix and meet with many other industries requiring his services and one of those just happened to be commercial radio.

Whilst doing work for 2SM in the 90s, Dean met two radio legends, Ian MacRae and Doug Mulray. Ian and Dean became good friends and a decade later Dean attended and completed the Ian MacRae Radio School diploma after developing an interest in doing talkback radio arising from a changing political climate in this country that demanded he did something that would allow him and voiceless others to have some input into the rapidly changing nation.

It did not take Dean long to score himself a prime daytime gig on a 48 station national commercial radio network.
Dean soon moved to the Central Coast and would broadcast his highly popular and unashamedly conservative brand of talk show from their Newcastle studio 2HD instead of opting to do it from their 2SM Pyrmont studio.

Radio afforded Dean the opportunity to give himself and like-minded Australians a voice on Australian Radio. The first 3 years alone saw him as a top 4 finalist for an ACRA (Australian Commercial Radio Award) in the prestigious National “Best Talk Presenter” category.
Speaking the truth on radio is no longer possible and so Dean is now focusing his efforts on Politics with the United Australia Party.
Dean is a husband and a father of a 13-year-old son and looks forward to the challenges ahead.