Darren Garnon

Candidate for EDEN MONARO

[email protected]

Happily married with two children and seven grandchildren, Darren is a family man and active member of his community.

Over the years, Darren has coached young men’s soccer teams and volunteered as a life saver, while also being involved in club administration at various capacities.

Darren was instrumental as a mentor with the Men Mentoring Men (MMM) program and in its forming as an independent corporation, now known as Menslink.

The program is a support network that puts men in contact with young men who have no leadership from a father figure in their life, an endeavour he found very rewarding.

For the last 5 years Darren has volunteered his time to the local motorsport club for race meets in which he is the race lap counter.

Darren is the principal and CEO of an industrial lubrication manufacturing business he founded in 1997.

The business started from modest beginnings to now employing a number of local residents in two locations.

Darren’s role within the business is primarily now focused on formulation, technical support, training staff and providing team direction for continued long term stability.

Darren believes his grounding in business has provided him with the experience and opportunity to be able to commit to his beliefs in a fair go for all Australians. He understands hard work, dedication and commitment are required to achieve a goal.

Darren has maintained a balanced yet sceptical view of the Australian political landscape for many years.

“I believe all Australians are shareholders in the common wealth of our country and its time there is a return to our fundamental principles of Australia putting Australians first,” he said.

“Australian politics must be about our values and our sovereignty as a nation. The outcomes must benefit all Australians, not just a few. Everyone must be able to live a free life where individual freedoms are protected.

“I am running as a candidate for the United Australia Party not because I want to play politics, but because I believe the UAP is a serious alternative to the major parties that have failed Australians again and again. I whole-heartedly believe the Australian people deserve better.

“We need to have a viable alternative rather than the two-party system that has shown itself to be letting all Australians down, highlighted over the past two years,” he said.