Darren Besanko

Candidate for MARIBYRNONG

[email protected]

Darren Besanko joins Maribyrnong electorate as UAP candidate

Bill Shorten is the incumbent in the electorate covering the inner north-western suburbs of Melbourne.

Darren believes, “A leader needs to be a role model and authentically practice what one preaches, with genuine care for Australia and the people. The word ‘integrity’ is critical when it comes to leadership.”

Born in the outer west of Melbourne to working class parents, Darren considers himself a “fairly normal Aussie who empathises strongly with the working class”. He lives quietly in the inner west with his partner who works in aged care.

His working life in the private corporate sector has allowed Darren to observe authentic leadership (or lack of it) and its successful elements. Recent years delivering adult learning and studies spanning engineering, education, welfare, adult learning, counselling and psychotherapy reinforce these observations.

Darren loves keeping healthy and enjoys an active motorcycling interest escaping to the great outdoors. Other hobbies include communing with nature, walking, music, socialising and sometimes swimming.