Daniel Martelozzo

Candidate for RIVERINA

[email protected]

Daniel and his parents immigrated to Australia from Italy in late 1958 when he was just over one-year-old. Since childhood, he’s considered himself a full and true Australian, and he made it official when he became an Australian citizen.

Through his life experiences, he has learnt the difference between right and wrong and developed a moral compass, unlike the career politicians we see in government today. He believes in the fight for freedom and against mandates.

He and his partner have been together for 17 years, and have a son together. They met in Western Australia, but decided to move to NSW for equity in a dealership, and they found what we wanted in Wagga. Shortly thereafter, he became a successful businessman and known in his community.

Daniel joins Craig and Clive in speaking the truth against the tyranny that we all face at the moment.

“If I believe in something I will not back down. I love a debate, and I will NOT be bought or bullied I will always stand for people’s rights and freedoms. I’m very direct and will call a spade a spade,” says Daniel about what qualifies him to run for parliament.

“I’m certainly not doing this for money, I am doing this for my kids, my grandkids and their kids – and for all parents and kids, for that matter. I know I’m older, but with age comes wisdom, kindness, confidence, maturity and honesty, all of which I will bring to the table when representing my electorate.”