Craig Kelly

Candidate for HUGHES

[email protected]

Craig Kelly was born in Sydney in 1963. His family owned a furniture company, where he worked after finishing high school. He worked in the family business until he decided to run for parliament in 2010. He then joined the Liberal Party and was elected as the Member for Hughes, New South Wales.

Craig has been proudly serving as the MP for the division of Hughes since 2010. Disillusioned by the Liberal Party during his time in office, he resigned from the party and sat as an independent before joining the United Australia Party in August of 2021. Since then, he has served as the party leader under chairman Clive Palmer.

The pandemic has deeply eroded his faith in Australia’s government, as he saw, in real time, our freedoms being ripped away one by one. He couldn’t stand idly by and allow the country to slip into tyranny, so he joined the one party that could put a stop to the atrocities we are witnessing every day.

“An immediate priority for the United Australia Party on being elected to government, or securing the balance of power, will be to ban vaccine passports and end mandates.” says Craig on his plans for the country.

“We’ll legislate to expressly prohibit any form of vaccine discrimination or segregation, and will give everyone their freedom back.”
Craig is married and with his wife has two children to whom he is intensely devoted. It is not only for their future that he is fighting, but every single Australian.