Clive Palmer

QLD - Senate 1

[email protected]

Clive Palmer was born in Footscray, Victoria, in 1954. He and his family relocated to Queensland in 1963, where he was raised and educated on the Gold Coast. He studied at the University of Queensland, then worked in real estate for a number of years before founding his mining companies.

Clive has undertaken many business ventures since then, including more undertakings in mining and coal, and the acquisition of the Gold Coast United Football Club.

In 2013, Clive ran as candidate for the seat of Fairfax in Queensland, where he won and proudly served his constituents for three years.

In 2018, Clive revived the major party from the 1930’s, the United Australia Party. He joined with Craig Kelly in 2021 and the party became the largest in Australia, with over 80,000 members.

Since the pandemic, Clive’s fervour has been renewed to bring change to this country. He wants to secure a better, freer future for his son and three daughters.

Clive’s intimate knowledge of our political system and his passion to do what’s right will guide him and his party to victory in the 2022 Federal Election.